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24lifecrisis's Journal

1 December
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& B U O N  G I O R N O


Welcome to the journal of Joe's ramblings and obsessions. If you are looking for icons, graphics, and other such resources, you might be better off at my icon journal (end_crisis). If your just looking to friend a boy who fandomizes many things, and has a very eventful life, most of the time then you've come to the right place.



& I L  R A G A Z Z O

Being one of the few male graphic artists and Harry Potter fans, well on LJ, at least, I feel very proud to be able to witness, and take part in the development of an art so wonderful and inspiring, and one that will be prominent throughout history among the greatest art epochs. I like to joke and have fun, but im not a half-wit who thinks who who he is. Respect me and I'll respect you back.


&tele//   friends;  grey's anatomy;  fraiser;  lost;  american idol.

&cinema//   harry potter;  garden state;  fight club;  the sandlot;  monty python;  west side story;  irobot;  hedwig and the angry inch;   batman begins.

&theatre//   west side story;  spamalot;  anything goes;  romeo+juliet;  camelot;  +more.

&music//   the rakes;  the killers;  muse;  ben folds;  billy joel;  björk;  coldplay;  ellie lawson;  froufrou;  dido;  macy gray;  lifehouse;  hôtel costes;  +more.

&lit//   jk rowling;  wlliam shakespeare;  emily brontë;  jrr tolkien; eugene o'neil;  scott fitzgerald;  ee cummings;  +more.


& T E H  N A M E

My username (24lifecrisis) is a lyric to the song "Gotta Get Up From Here" by Ellie Lawson. Ellie is a very taleted new artist coming out with her new album "The Philosiphy Tree" some time soon. Not too many people know of her, although iTunes did make her the free download of the week a while back. She's brilliant if you like this style of music. :)


& N O T S O F A Q

Here are some questions that I'd like to aviod being asked. It would just make my life easier.


Q : What is all of this crazy laguage that is all over your journal?

A : I am an Italian-American and very proud of it - I write some headers, etc. in italian - most of the time it includes a translation. Don't try too hard tot decipher it, most of the time, it shouldn't be too important.


Q : Do you take graphic requests?

A : No. not to say that I will never, but, I most likely won't. I often make things for close friends, but don't ask for something too extravagant, I don't have too much time on my hands. If I say no, please don'ttake it personally, and please don't keep asking. X/.


Q : Where did you get...?

A : When I make my grpahics, I don't use too many resources, mainly because I make everything home-made on my wonderful iBook. I will eventually post some of these things. On the occasion that I do use something made by someone else, the credit will be included in the post.

& A C C E P T E D

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